Ultrasonic vibrating sieve

DHC-600-1S Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve
DHC-600-1S Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve
800mm Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve
single deck Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve
600mm Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Manual Mixing:It is no longer a problem to solve the screen blocking and achieve efficient screeningUltrasonic vibrating sieve makes the ultra micro powder screening for easy.Its screening efficiency is 1-3 times than the normal vibrating sieve.The Ultrasonice vibrating sieve has advantages of low noise and Anti-blocking screen.

 Ultrasonic vibrating sieve makes processed material do traditional three dimensional vibrations, and at the same time it adds another vibration (mechanical waves) of low-amplitude and high-vibration frequency to achieve good screening result for sieving super-fine processed materials.
Ultrasonic vibrating sieve screening system is a kind of simple and practical,reliable screening system,it is currently the most effective solution of mesh plug and domestic screen of a major technological breakthrough.

The principle of operation 
DHC-3A ultrasonic vibrating sieve is 220 v,50 hz power into high frequency electric energy of 38 KHZ,input ultrasonic transducer,turning it into 38 KHZ mechanical vibration,so as to achieve efficient screening and purpose of the cleaning network,makes the ultra micro powder screening for easy.The processed materials do three dimensional vibration, at the same time add Ultrasonic vibration of high frequency and small amplitude.

Special Ultrasonic screen frame

Ultrasonic technology parameters
The biggest ultrasonic power output:200W
Output rated voltage:900V
Maximum Output Current:1A(limiting current)
Fuse:100-120V: 2*2.5A slo blo 200-240V: 2*1.25A slo blo
Protection class:IP65
Pollution degree:2
Environment temperature:-10-35°C

Ultrasonic vibrating sieve feature
By improving the low density of powder in the gravity settling down and sliding,improve the high density of metal in the front-end ports stranded or wedging and the adhesion effect of electrostatic powder,to improve the quality of screening efficiency and screening.In screening pass rate,usually more than the ordinary vibration sieve pass rate of 50% to 440%.
(1)To reduce or not produce clear screen time.
(2)Do not produce powder pollution.
(3)Keep the mesh size,stable screening accuracy.
(4)Decomposition of adhesive material,reduce on the screen.
(5)Reducing frequency of screening.

Applicable material
Alloy powder, aluminum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten power, nickel powder, cobalt powder, coating powder, quartz powder, magnetic powder, silicon powder, malt powder, coffee powder, resin powder, mica powder.