Slap type laboratory vibrating sieve

Slap type laboratory vibrating sieve
BZJ-200 Laboratory vibrating sieve
BZJ-300 Lab sieve shaker
Slap type Test sieve shaker
200mm Lab test sieves

Manual Mixing:Slap type laboratory vibrating sieve is one of the commonly used laboratory testing equipmentWhich can assemble sieve set of the diameter of 75mm100mm and can be handling with convenient and flexibleand can automatically shut down.

Slap type laboratory vibrating sieve is one of commonly used equipment in the laboratory.Its structure is mainly composed of motor base,sieve set and transmission mechanism.Which be equipped with special fixture,not only can assemble  Φ200 standard test sieves,but can assemble sieve set  of Φ75 and Φ can be handling with convenient and flexible,and can automatically shut down.

Suitable for ordinary abrasive grain composition examination,superhard materials production classification and size structure check.Also widely used in geology,metallurgy,powder,chemical industry,construction,cement,medicine,national defense,etc.Screening tests on the material.

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