Vibration motor

vertical vibration motor
0.75kw vertical vibrating motor
Horizontal vibration motor
0.55kw Horizontal vibration motor

Manual Mixing:Vibration motor is also named as vibration source three-phase asynchronous motor.And it is a common excitation source for various types of vibration machines.For examplevibration polishervibrating crusherrotary vibration cleaning machinevibration dryervibration mixer and vibrating sieve.

► Introduction and working principle
Vertical vibration motor is composed of special motor and eccentric block.The eccentric block has semi-circular and rectangular.Can be configured differently based on the job requirements of vibration equipment,then generate vibration effects of the user needs.Vertical vibration motor powered rotation, drive the eccentric block of motor shaft at both ends to generate inertia exciting force,then passing to the vibration motor through motor flange.

1) It is convenient to change the vibrating strength by adjusting the steeples angle of eccentric blocks.
2) Use zinc plated steel plate as sealed protective cover.
3) The bearing is sealed by imported V-shape ring and trough.
4) Use O-shape ring to seal the joint to avoid dust enter.
5) Use a special impregnating paint method to install loops.
6) Strong and stable box to transfer the vibration source.
7) The molded rings used is convenient to install and safe.
8) The chassis of this machine is molded, fully sealed and resistance to vibration.
9) Use metal to seal the joint, to avoid cable damage cause by vibration.
10) The molded connections are dust and water proof.