Small stainless steel linear vibrationg sieve separator

linear vibrationg sieve separator
Double vibrating motor
stainless steel screen frame
Stainless steel linear sieve

Manual Mixing:

Linear vibrationg sieve separator is made of carbon steell and consist of screen box,screen mesh frame,screen mesh,two sets vibrating motor or vibrating exciter,motor base,damping spring,support frame etc.Square vibrating separator screen can be widely used in metallurgy,mining,coal,power,building material,fire-resistant material industries etc

►Introduce and Working principle
Linear vibrationg sieve separator vibration motor excitation as the source of vibration,so that the material was tossed in the sieve,while forward in a straight line material evenly into the screening machine feeder feed port,multi-layer mesh specifications of sieve,sieve material,respectively,discharged from their exports.With low power consumption,high yield, simple structure,easy maintenance,fully enclosed structure,no dust,automatic nesting,more suitable for pipeline operations.Linear vibrating screen is the efficient new screening equipment widely used in mining,coal,metallurgy,building materials,refractory materials,light industry,chemical industry.
1. Good sealing,without dust pollution;
2. Easy to change screen mesh,long service life;
3. High screening efficiency;
4. Simple structure;
5. Discharge material automatically, fit the production line;
6. The sieve box is welded by steel plate and sectional material;
7.It has good whole rigidity and runs steady.
►Overall dimensions
►Installation and commissioning
Linear vibrating sieve separator should be fixed on dedicated foundation through embedded bolts. If there is no special foundation,it should lay anti-vibration rubber plate between the working table and the equipment basement.Before using,You must be configured prior to use safe and reliable protective grounding wire.
Note:After installation is complete,before starting,must remove device that it is used for fixed screen body and machine basement.
After the installation of new linear vibrating sieve is completed, you shall check the following requirements:
1.Check vibration motor winding insulation resistance to ground,if <20MΩ must be dried before using.
2.Spring should be completely vertical embedded spring retainer to ensure that the balance of the screen body.Vibration part can not have any contact with other object of outside the machine.
3.Close the power switch,make sure the vibration motor synchronous reverse rotation,holding 10-20 minutes idling.If there is abnormal sound when the equipment is running,it should be promptly shut down for inspection.