3-deck Pulp filtering round vibrating sieve

Pulp filtering vibrating sieve
1000mm filtering vibrating sieve
Valve filtering vibrating sieve
the 304 stainless steel screen surface

Manual Mixing:

Pulp filtering round vibrating sieve is mounted with 0.75kw vertical vibrating motor.There are the diameter of 1000mm,three layer screen mesh with four dischange holes.Mainly used in screening material with high output.Accept customized service.

►Introduction and Working principle
Pulp filtering vibrating sieve is designed as a high-precision screening machinery.Pulp filtering vibrating sieve use upright motor as the source of vibration,equipped eccentricity hammer on the both sides of motor ,change circumrotate to level, upright and incline movement, then pass these three movement to the surface of the screen.Adjust the phasic angle on the both sides of the top and bottom to change the movement orbits of the surface screen.
►Structural description
1) High efficiency, refined design, duration, any powders and mucilage are suitable for using.
2) Easily replace the screen, simple operation and convenience washing.
3) Never jam the mesh with no powder flying and filter size of the powder between 0.025mm and 0.028mm.
4) Discharge the impurity and coarse materials automobile and operates continuously.
5) Small volume, move easily.
6) The highest layers of the screen are about 5 layers. But 3 layers are suggested.
Chemical industry: resin,coating,drug industry,cosmetic,oil,Herbal powder,ect.
The food industry: sugar, gourmet powder, salt, fruit juice, starch, milk powder, food, soya-bean milk, egg powder, rice, soy, fish meal, pineapple juice, etc.
Metals, metallurgical mining: aluminite powder,lead powder,copper powder,ore,alloy powder,electrode powder,abrasive powder,refraclory materials,kaolin,lime,aluminium oxide,quartz sand,ect.
Pls provide the following information for us:
1. material name, the density(kg/m3), water content(%).
2. the necessary capacity you required(per hour)
3. Machine material. Pls choose one:
a. All stainless steel 304
b. All carbon steel
c. The contacting part is stainless steel,the other parts is carbon steel or spraying plastic.
d.Contact part with plastic.
4. the dimension of the machine can be designed for you.
5. Additional parts ,like the mobil wheel, removing-dust hole and noise-proof base,can be easily fixed and maintained.
6. How many layers you need??
7. Pls inform the voltage&frequency in your city.
Installation and adjustment
1, the motor should be fastened on the mounting surface, mounting surface must be smooth, flat.
2, the motor can be installed horizontally.
3, the electrical lead-core rubber cable with four-YZ-500V, then the power cable is not allowed when there is acute Lead off, and with the vibration of the body and firmly secured.
4, electrical grounding should be reliable, the motor grounding device, lead terminal signs, can also use foot bolts solid ground.
5, the exciting force adjustments.