1200mm_Valve_steel ball grading_SUS vibrating sifter

1200mm SUS vibrating sifter
1200 stainless steel screen surface
valve vibrating sifter
1200mm valve vibrating sieve

Manual Mixing:

Valve_steel ball grading_SUS vibrating sifter is mounted with 1.1kw vertical vibrating motor.There are the diameter of 1200mm,one layer screen mesh with two dischange holes.The special valve design can control the flow of raw materials.Accept customized service.

►Introduction and working principle
Valve steel ball grading SUS vibrating sifter use upright motor as the source of vibration,equipped eccentricity hammer on the both sides of motor ,change circumrotate to level, upright and incline movement, then pass these three movement to the surface of the screen.Adjust the phasic angle on the both sides of the top and bottom to change the movement orbits of the surface screen.
♦ High efficiency,design is exquisite and durable, any powder mucoid screening.
♦ Easy to change screen, easy to operate and easy to clean.
♦ Mesh is not blocked,Powder is not float in the sky,Mesh to 500 mesh or 0.028 mm.
♦ Impurity,coarse material automatic discharge;Can connect operation.
♦ Unique network frame design, screen mesh use time long, fast to replace the network only for 3 to 5 minutes.
♦ Small volume, saving space, easy to move.
♦ Screen up to five layers.
►Advantage of mother-son screen mesh
1.Save time(3-5 minutes to complete screen replacement).
2.Save manpower, for replace screen just two people.
3.Increase fluency production line.
4.Increases screen life, bouncing ball does not directly strike a fine mesh.
5.Increase the screen using the area.
This machine is very simple and quick method for change screen,just follow the order shown below,no more than five minutes,can be done for replace screen.
►Function of valve vibrating sifter
The valve steel ball grading SUS vibrating sifter can be used in ceramic powder, resin, coating, silica gel, sugar powder, rice, flour, condiment, aluminite powder, mineral powder, abrasion powder, silicon carbide, silica sand metallurgy, medicine, metal, food, fine material etc.

►Use and maintenance
1, the machine shall be equipped with electrical protection device.
2, the machine is running early, check every day at least once a bolt to prevent loosening.
3, when the motor direction of rotation does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the power supply phase sequence.
4, the motor should guarantee good lubrication, each running about two weeks to add lithium grease (ZL-3) once, come on, through the oil by adding appropriate amount of lithium grease cup.
5, the machine running total of 1500 hours, check the bearings, if serious injury should be immediately replaced.
6, the machine parked or garaged when used again after a long time, measure the insulatio n resistance should be used to measure 500-volt megger.
►Installation and adjustment
1, the motor should be fastened on the mounting surface, mounting surface must be smooth, flat.
2, the motor can be installed horizontally.
3, the electrical lead-core rubber cable with four-YZ-500V, then the power cable is not allowed when there is acute Lead off, and with the vibration of the body and firmly secured.
4, electrical grounding should be reliable, the motor grounding device, lead terminal signs, can also use foot bolts solid ground.
5, the exciting force adjustments.