SUS 600mm double deck tapioca pearls vibrating sieve

tapioca pearls vibrating sieve
transport support
vibrating sieve transport support
Double deck vibrating sieve

Manual Mixing:

600mm double deck tapioca pearls vibrating sieve is mounted with 0.25kw vertical vibrating motor.There are the diameter of 600mmtwo layer screen mesh with three dischange holes.Mainly used in screening material with high output.Accept customized service.

►Introduction and working principle
Double deck tapioca pearls vibrating sieve is designed as a high-precision screening machinery.DH series circle vibrating sieve is a vertical-motor system, with eccentric hammers being installed on top and bottom of the machine,where the vibration motor acts as the vibratory source.The direction of the eccentric hammers may change its rotational mode either in horizontal,vertical and inclined movement onto the sieving screener surface.
1. High efficiency, refined design, duration,any powders and mucilage are suitable for using.
2. Easily to replace the screen, simple operation and convenience washing.
3. Never jam the hole meshwork, no powder flying, filter size of the powder between 500 mesh and 0.028 mm.
4. Discharge the impurity and coarse materials automobile and operates continuously.
5. Unique screen flame design, long duration of screen, only 3-5 to replace the screen.
6. Small volume, move easily.
7. The highest layers of the screen are about 5 layers. But 3 lagers are suggested.

► How to change the screen mesh

►Machine maintenance
Routine maintenance
1.start ago:(1)check the coarse and fine mesh with or without breakage
                    (2)Whether locking in each beam ring
2.during start:(1)note: whether there is abnormal noise
                         (2)whether the current stability
                         (3)whether abnormal vibration
3.after use:clean after each use.
Regular maintenance
Regular inspection coarse mesh, fine mesh and springs whether fatigue and breakage,whether all parts of the machinecause damage due to vibration, need to add lubricant section must be ubricated.